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Tim Young, depression in men, Worcester, Worcestershire

Tim Young

MSc., P/G Dip.Psych.,P/G Dip.
Con.Sup,Dip.CBT, Dip.Couns.,Cert.Ed.

Clinical Supervisor
Counselling Trainer

What are the effects of depression in men?

Depression in men is a very real illness and the effects of depression in men can be debilitating. It is a very common illness in men and one that, even today, can be mistreated or even discounted altogether.

Men experiencing depression will withdraw into themselves. They will be unable to socialise effectively with family and friends and work will suffer through lack of motivation and productivity. They will have lower sexual desire and perhaps related problems such as erectile dsyfunction.

Their view of life will become darker and, in extreme cases, they may consider or even attempt suicide.

There is a wide spectrum of depression in men and mild forms can be found in many individuals. However it does not manifest itself fully so is easily controlled.

Chronic depression in men can have a tremendous effects on the individual, their family, friends and employment prospects and should usually be treated by a therapist.

Prolonged bouts of depression in men has serious effects on the financial situation and health of the individual. In fact, any activity outside of keeping body and soul together become impossible.

Recognising depression in men is difficult in slight cases. Male human nature is such as to hide or minimise minor ailments that may be covering something greater. It is critical that the effects of depression in men be spotted early and suitable treatment sought.

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depression in men

Worcester a city located on the River Severn and is in the county of Worcestershire. It has a famous history of porcelain through, the now closed down, Royal Worcester Porelain Works and the tangy sauce known as Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. Worcester is home to Worcestershire County Cricket Club, Worcester City Football Club and Worcester Wolves basketball team.

It has rail links via two popular Worcester stations, Shrub Hill and Foregate Street and easy links to the motorway using junctions 6 and 7 of the M5.

Worcestershire is located close to the Welsh border and the West Midlands. It sits between Herefordshire in the West and Warwickshire in the East. Close to the popular town of Birmingham, it has easy links with most major towns in the midlands, south west and north.

Worcestershire is the birth county of Sir Edward Elgar whose compositions include Pomp and Circumstance.

The range of hills called the Malverns sits to the West of the county of Worcestershire and, allegdedly protects the county from the harsh west winds.


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